Friday, June 24, 2005

Unplugged #27 - 3 from Avalon (Hill)

This week's Unplugged article has been posted over at GamerDad. (
Unplugged #27: Three from Avalon (
Not Arthur and friends, but three lightweight family board games recently published by Avalon Hill.

There's a short history of Avalon Hill and an homage to some board games that inspired several classic computer games (Reach for the Stars, Master of Orion, Sid Meier's Civilization, etc...) concluding with a short review of three recent Avalon Hill releases: Sword and Skull, Monsters Menace America, and Nexus Ops.

Also posted are full reviews of two of the titles:
Sword & Skull ( Ahoy, Matey! The pirate games are a’coming fast and furious – prepare for boarding!
Monsters Menace America ( Who can resist the chance to stomp on the talking Paul Bunyan statue in Minnesota or mutate by walking over Three Mile Island?

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