Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Unplugged - GenCon 2005, The Epic

OK, after three days at GenCon in Indy, I've posted up my entire trip. It is quite a read, particularly day 3 (Saturday) since I spent the entire day visiting booths in the main exhibition hall.

Unplugged #0: GenCon 2005 - Day 1
A quick tour of the floor, D&D Online, Hasbro’s HeroScape, and a finale of Parthenon - scalped tickets anyone? - Dr. Carlson writes of his first day at the gaming convention.

Unplugged #0: GenCon 2005 - Day 2
Bored of World of Warcraft? Try a haunted house or a True Dungeon? Just let the chips fall where they may, Dr. Carlson spends Friday at GenCon.

Unplugged #0: GenCon 2005 - Day 3
With Saturday to be his last day at the Con, the good Doctor goes on a whirlwind tour, including NC Soft, the Nokia, and the big guns in board games.

I'm heading into a biweekly schedule again, but will continue to post here whenever new columns appear. Drop me a line if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions!

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