Wednesday, June 28, 2006

World of Warcraft, Arkham Horror, and No Thanks!

A little behind in the posting, I'll try to update more regularly in the future, but here are the past three Columns...

Unplugged #52: Play a card game? - No Thanks!
June 25, 2006 Politeness has never been so vicious!
A review of the excellent filler card game: "No Thanks!", where players auction off NOT to take a card.

Unplugged #51: Insanity is best shared with a friend
June 11, 2006 Things that go “bump” in the night? Monsters terrorizing townsfolk? The awakening of ancient evils? At least you have your friends!
This rather elaborate game, Arkham Horror, by Fantasy Flight Games has lots of little bits and is pretty fun, but can get long if you play with too many players.

Unplugged #50: WoW, a boardgame!
May 28, 2006 No voice chat programs are needed to play World of Warcraft on your kitchen table.
The board game version of World of Warcraft is pretty fun, but also has the "Many, many little bits" problem. It can last awhile, but is a good game for fans of the computer version.


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