Sunday, November 19, 2006

Unplugged 55-57

OK, so this way of updating people is not so effective. Only a few people get my Unplugged Updates via this RSS feed. If you're still interested in keeping this blog going so you can reference my biweekly GamerDad Unplugged articles via RSS through this blog rather than through the GamerDad site, drop me a note here or via email and I'll keep it up. Otherwise, posting links to my GamerDad articles on this blog may continue to be very sporatic.

And now, the recent Articles:

Unplugged #57: Mattel gets an upgrade
by Dr. Matt Carlson
November 13, 2006
Known primarily for its basic toy and game line, Mattel has jumping into the modern boardgame arena with two new games from the same author, Brian Yu.

Unplugged #56: Two New Wondrous Games
by Dr. Matt Carlson
October 30, 2006
The latest from Days of Wonder, the Blizzard Entertainment of boardgames.

Unplugged #55: Darkness Falls on Sevinpold
by Dr. Matt Carlson
October 02, 2006
Thankfully, the game is much easier to play than to spell…

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