Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Gone Gaming blog

Not sure, but assume most of you know I am also posting biweekly on the boardgame blog: Gone Gaming...

Recent posts include:

Gaming by the Numbers - trying to set up a multiaxis measurement of games to provide gamers with a way to describe their preferred "n-dimensional game space"

Spread the Joy - thoughts on spreading the fun of playing games, and some insights about the local game club

Beyond Nickels and Dimes - my 5 & dime list of the year, also looked at in light of time spent on games rather than # of plays

Guilty Pleasures – Why I hate Tigris and Euphrates

Second Place for the Win - should one always go for the win, always try to place as high as possible, or just optimize for the best showing each time?

Strategy and Tactics, a couple of definitions - short term vs long term planning.

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