Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Unplugged #65 - The Command and Colors wargames

A whole bunch of stuff all based around the Command & Colors wargame system by Richard Borg...

Unplugged #65: Command and Colors
The best light wargame system on the market, you are commanded to check it out.

(This is a review of C&C: Ancients and BattleLore, as well as an overview of the whole C&C system.)

I also broke out the three available versions of the game (Memoir '44, BattleLore, and C&C Ancients) into their own review link. A fair bit of background is the same for them all (explaining the game system) and then I go into details for each game...

BattleLore (Boardgame)
Fun, fast, and easy to teach, it is the best darn fantasy miniatures game around...

Command and Colors: Ancients (Boardgame)
A great, accessible wargame that recreates battles of the Roman empire.

Memoir '44 (Boardgame)

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